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Hypnobirthing in Ayrshire
Finding out you pregnant can be a very emotional time.  Along with the joy and excitement comes the fear of the labour, how you will cope?, what kind of birth will you have? and many more questions.  Taking part in a KGHypnobirthing course helps answer those questions and makes sure you are as prepared as you possibly can be for the birth of your baby.

So what is a KGHypnobirthing Course?

KGHypnobirthing courses are a full ante natal programme that makes sure you and your birth partner are able to release fear, learn to trust your body, your natural instinct, and your baby.  In order to do this, you need information and knowledge.

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Benefits of KGHypnobirthing for Your Baby and You

  • You are likely to experience a more comfortable and sometimes pain free birth.
  • Your baby will arrive to a serene and relaxed environment, alert and ready to bond with you as nature intended.
  • Length of labour is often much shorter with Hypnobirthing births.
  • Less drugs and medical intervention are used in Hypnobirthing births allowing your baby to develop naturally and easily after they arrive.
  • Mums often bounce back quicker after a Hypnobirthing birth as the physical impact of giving birth is reduced.
  • Your birth partner will learn how to support you and have a central and active role in the birth. A truly shared and loving experience.

The benefits to you are obvious, but there are also long term benefits to your baby.I repeatedly get wonderful birth stories of Hypnobirthing babies being calm, content and sleeping really well. They seem to thrive better. It may seem miraculous but this is how Hypnobirthing is designed to be.

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As an experienced Hypnotherapist and a qualified KGHypnobirthing teacher I offer face to face sessions as well as occasional group courses.  Face to face sessions are tailored to meet your needs and usually consist of four sessions lasting approximately 2 hours. To book a face to face session or enquire about future group sessions please get in touch.

I also offer a one session PREPARING FOR BIRTH Course for women (and their birth partners) who are worrying about the birth excessively.  Get in touch to find out more.  


Online Course

If a face to face or group session doesn’t meet your needs, KGHypnobirthing offer an in-depth online course.  You can enjoy learning this in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.  The course can be accessed at any stage of pregnancy and you can learn at your own pace.

If you want to find out more information on this option please click the Online Course Button for easy to follow instructions.




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